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Procoat XP is a polystyrene coating for Styrofoam and has been specially developed for the fabrication of moldings, bands, jambs, sills, columns and much more. Procoat XP is designed to handle a wide range of situations, from ideal building conditions to highly problematic substrates. Using acrylics as a base, graded with specially formulated additives, aggregates, and clean water, Procoat XP polystyrene coating system is thin, flexible, durable, and UV-resistant.

Procoat XP EPS Coating is the ideal coating material to realize the breadth of your creativity. It can be fabricated in a natural or classic texture. Procoat XP provides outstanding quality to fabricated building materials and allows production of the most complicated end-product designs.

Procoat XP is available in an unlimited number of profiles, Decorative shapes, and is an alternative for EIFS. It’s an easy and fast one-step application that does not require reinforcement mesh. Primer and paint topcoat should be applied directly to the surface.

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Architectural Precast & Foam, LLC

3716A Interstate Park Rd. N.

West Palm Beach, FL 33404

Premier Procast Corporation

3700 Mercantile Ave.

Naples, FL 34104

American Architectural Foam

7810 Professional Place

Tampa, FL 33637

Stonebridge Foam Concepts

2849 Paris Ave NE

Paris, OH 44669

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